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Sanyo Semiconductor Catalog - We have PDF versions available.
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Si Bip TR

High-Frequency Transistors

Ultrahigh-Frequency Transistors

Low-Noise Transistors

High-Voltage Transistors

Low-Saturation Voltage Transistors

Darlington Transistors

Transistors with Built-in Resistors

High-gain High-VEBO Muting Transistors

General-Application Transistors

Switching Transistors

TV/CRT Display Application Transistors(I)

TV/CRT Display Application Transistors(II)

 Ultrahigh-Resolution Display Horizontal Deflection Output Transistors

Ultrahigh-Resolution Display Video Output Transistors

Dynamic Focus Application Transistors



High-Frequency MOSFETs

Power MOSFETs (P channel)

Power MOSFETs (N channel)

Power MOSFETs (N channel + P channel)

Junction FET


Transistor System Catalogs

SANYO Ultra-high Frequency Devices for mobile communications media

Ultra High-Quality Output Devices

SANYO Devices for AM and FM tuners

SANYO Discrete Devices for Handy Equipment

Horizontal Deflection TR Series For Ultra-High Resolution CRT Displays

ECoP Series

X-Ku Band Local Osc./VCO Modules for Broadcasting and Communications via Satelite

SANYO Devices for Color TV

SANYO Devices for Digital Still Camera

Low Voltage ExPDs



Excellent Power Devices (ExPD)


GaAs Devices


Mobile Communication GaAs Devices

GaAs Schottky Barrier Diodes

GaAs Varactor Diodes



BS/CS Local Oscillation Modules

Data Communications VCO Modules


Video Pack

Video Pack



High-Performance Composite Device PCP4/5 Series

XP5/6 Series


Si Diodes

High-speed Switching Diodes

Zener Diodes

Varactor Diodes

Pin Diodes

General-purpose Rectifiers

High-speed Rectifiers(Fast-recovery diodes)

High-speed Rectifiers(Super Fast-recovery diodes)

Ultrahigh-speed Rectifiers(Low-loss diodes)

Horizontal Deflection-Use High-speed Damping Diodes

Bridge Rectifier Stacks

Schottky Barrier Diodes

Reverse-Blocking Thyristors

Trigger Devices

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